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Screenshot_2019-11-29 Alexander Businaro


I was born in Munich, Germany, but thanks to my parents' nationality(Japanese mother, Italian father) and their involvement in humanitarian projects around the world, I can say that since a young age I've been exposed to a diverse range of cultures and the dynamics which are born from their intermingling.

When I was 7 years old, my family left Italy to live in Africa (Nigeria & South Africa). This was a period during which I experienced first hand the great struggle of cultural integration. After 6 years of being in Africa my family then decided to return to Italy where I graduated high school with a diploma in accounting.

I then later decided to pursue my artistic drive by going to London and studying graphic design. After this 3 year experience in England, my travels brought me to Australia, where I found a great passion for illustration which started to reflect the mixed cultural exposure of my upbringing. I am presently traveling while continuing to produce artwork and freelancing.

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